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Afternoon Tea 

Talk to any foreign visitor and they may mention afternoon tea, along with fish and chips and a Sunday roast as being quintessentially British. For anyone looking for the perfect afternoon tea coventry, London, Manchester and other big cities have plenty of places offering this treat. The idea of afternoon tea goes back to Victorian England when Royalty realized there was just too long a gap between lunch and dinner, and afternoon tea was the answer. Today, whether you enjoy afternoon tea in a top London hotel or in a small family run restaurant in the Cotswolds, it's usually taken around 4pm and consists of tea, cakes and tiny sandwiches.q

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The first restaurant as we know it originated in France in the mid 18th century; since then the idea of eating out has become popular all over the world.

Types of Cuisine 

Today in the UK you can find just about every imaginable type of cuisine, although Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants remain popular; in fact there are an estimated 15,000 Indian restaurants in Britain, and London has more than Mumbai. Despite its reputation for stodgy and bland food the UK has always assimilated food trends and ideas from other countries. During the height of the British Empire in the mid 19th century, many foods from Africa and Asia became popular, as well as the use of spices to flavour food. Immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and the Caribbean during the 1950s and 60s brought further culinary influences, and today's immigrants continue to add to the exciting mix of recipes, dishes and flavours.

UK Restaurant Trends

The good news is that the UK restaurant scene continues to thrive, although many restaurants realize that many customers can't afford to eat out all the time and strive to give the best possible value. An increasing number of restaurants are offering more vegetarian options, with an emphasis on healthy, appealing and varied menus to show that vegetarian food doesn't have to be boring. And a lot of restaurants are placing more of an emphasis on breakfast, often serving it at any time of day as is popular in the US, and at the same time coming up with more creative menus than bacon and eggs. Street food is also becoming more popular, with over 2.5 million of us eating street food each day. But whatever changes, you can be assured that fish and chips will always be popular.